Fayetteville NC

Whether it is a nasty storm, a power outage or some other sort of incident, few things tie up the phone lines at a telecommunications company more than angry customers wondering what happened to their connection.

Fortunately, if something like that happens in the Fayetteville, North Carolina, area, the service team at Connected Fiber is on standby to help get your customers connected again. Among many other services, Connected Fiber offers fiber optic cable repair services in the Fayetteville area. Should your customers lose their connection, our team will repair your lines and get them connected again in no time.

In addition, we offer fiber optic installation services. If your telecommunications company is branching out and installing new fiber optic cable lines in a given area, our team can take care of all the dirty work and professionally install your fiber optic lines.

We also perform fiber optic testing and termination services. See our services page for a more extensive look at all the things our company can do.