Durham NC

In the modern world, few things are more important than a vital internet connection. When a major storm, power outage or other unforeseen incident occurs, people in a given community will be anxious to get “connected” again.

This is the where Connected Fiber can help. For many years, we have helped numerous customers, including corporate customers such as Verizon and Time Warner Cable make the necessary repairs to their fiber optic systems.

We offer fiber optic cable repair services throughout the Durham, North Carolina, area. In the event a storm or power outage damages an area’s system, our service team is readily available to repair your lines as efficiently as possible and get your clients connected once again.

In addition to fiber optic repairs, we perform fiber optic installations, perform maintenance testing, terminations and cable splicing services.

If you are looking for a reliable company to perform specialized fiber optic services in Durham, North Carolina, contact the experts at Connected Fiber today.