Did you install a fiber optic system in your home or business recently, only to find that it seems riddled with problems? If your fiber optic network isn’t transmitting data as quickly as it should, there could be many reasons for it. For example, you might have broken fiber optic cabling within your system that is causing a disconnect. You might also have excessive signal loss due to a lengthy cable span or terminations that were not installed properly. You might even have bad connections located in your system’s wiring closet. You can have these issues fixed and then have a fiber optic post repair test done to ensure that everything is working again within your system.

A fiber optic post repair test is an important part of the repair process, because it will let you know if the repairs that were made are actually going to make a difference with your system. A fiber optics company might come in and make repairs, but if they don’t make the right repairs, then what good did they actually do? You will end up paying for the repairs without seeing any real results. But when you have a fiber optic post repair test done, you will be able to find out whether or not your system is really repaired.

A good fiber optics company will be able to fix problems with your fiber optics cabling the right way the first time. From running the right tests to pinpoint the problem to doing some dirty work to replace faulty fiber optics cabling and connectors, there are many steps that the company can take to get your system running again. They should be able to handle this quickly, and they should also know the value in running a fiber optic post repair test to show you that you won’t have to worry about slow speeds or low transmission strength within your fiber optic system anymore.

When you call on Connected Fiber for fiber optic repair work, you will get a thorough repair job and a fiber optic post repair test as well. This will give you the peace of mind that comes along with knowing your system is up to speed. Contact Connected Fiber today to arrange for a system repair.