CWDM’s and Fiber Optic Splicing

Choosing Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing for your fiber-optic communication and data system setup is a decision you have probably come to based on your need for fewer channels than with Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing, but more than with Standard Wavelength Division Multiplexing.

Combining numerous signals into a laser beam with various wavelengths for transmission along fiber-optic cables is something that requires precision, attention to detail, and know-how. Here you’ll find some examples of CWDM systems Connected Fiber has created for clients in the past, as well as examples of the fiber-optic filters we use to make finding the right frequency range of each system easier than ever.

Scanning through our gallery, we hope you’ll see Connected Fiber pays special attention to neatness and organization and ease of access. If you have any questions or would like to have us design and install a CWDM fiber-optic data and communications system for your business, contact us directly and we will be happy to help you.

burger K KN 4cwdm

This is a Tyco B case designed to hold 4 B trays and a basket. In this case we have 4 CWDM filters, 2 channels each 1470-1610, a corewave CWDM with 1291 & 1311 wavelengths and 1 spice tray where all the splices are organized.

too many tubes

This is a Tyco A case designed for a basket and 2 trays. You can see how the system pushes the capacity of the smaller cases; we showed them this photo, they did schedule a closure change out and we installed a large case during a maintenance window.

corewave out of box n dressed

In this photo we show our attention to detail while re-organizing the factory corewave and installing transition tubing over the fibers we are using. We leave the unused part stored and protected for future use in the factory tray rather than leaving all of these in the splice tray.

what they ask us to do

This is an Antec. It can hold up to 8 cables and many trays, however these Tyco filters weren’t really designed for this case at the close to capacity. We have offset the filters and added some foam to keep things in place when the lid is put back on the secured.

tyco corewave with transition tubing

We believe in keeping all fibers, even the 900 micron fibers used in the these filters covered and protected from tray to tray! Many technicians just use them from the box and use a spiral wrap (if anything).