Criminals Attacking Fiber Optic Cables UPDATE

19192923_SIn an earlier post, we talked about the criminals or fiber optic terrorists who are slicing through cables that transmit data and information between providers in California. That was a few months ago and guess what? The FBI and local authorities still haven’t figured out who’s behind it. Could it be young anarchists hoping to disrupt the flow of communication in the state? Perhaps. Could it be something seedier? Perhaps terrorists?

The list of possible culprits is endless and that has everyone shaking in their boots, and with good reason: fiber optics is essential for hospitals and other healthcare facilities to work at optimum level. If those wires go, we are talking about a life or death situation, as reported in the Consumerist. While some of the destruction is to be expected, naturally that is, there has to be something else behind it.

Kate Cox writes, “But what’s going on in California isn’t part of that low-level background chaos of being. Instead, it’s some kind of very deliberate series of attacks on heavy-duty cables that have been happening in the Bay area for at least a year.”

This is a consistent problem and it is crucial that authorities figure out what’s going on. When you dig a little deeper, this problem has all the makings of a True Detective episode or noir novel. Firstly, that the cuts happen around midnight and there are no witnesses to speak of. Some of the damage seems to be the result of a hacksaw or chainsaw. The attacks seem to suggest one person but along the same lines could suggest a nefarious group. So yeah, the FBI has nothing or, as John Lightfoot, member of the FBI, said, “Everyone recognizes that there seems to be a pattern of events here…we really need the assistance of the public to reach out and help solve this one.”

There you have it – if you live out in those regions affected by the cutting of fiber optics and may know something, we implore you to get in touch with the local authorities and report anything. They clearly need the help. We will keep you updated as new information rolls in.

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