Could the Internet Soon Be 100x Faster?

Fiber Optic Technology The internet is already significantly faster than it used to be even just a few short years ago. You can search for a news article, start up a funny video, or check to see who won the big game (and then watch highlights from it!) in a matter of just seconds. But if you can believe it, the internet might get even faster—potentially even 100 times faster—at some point in the not-too-distant future thanks to a new development in the world of fiber optics. It could have a big impact on how quickly you can get access to information while using a fiber optic network.

A New Device in Fiber Optic Cables

Researchers from RMIT University in Australia published a report in the Nature Communications journal recently about a device they made that is capable of detecting light that has been twisted up inside of fiber optic cables. That light is able to carry more information than the light used in fiber optic cables today, which could conceivably increase internet speeds by leaps and bounds. Other researchers have created similar devices capable of detecting so-called “twisted” fiber optic light in the past, but they’ve been big and bulky. The one created by the RMIT University researchers is about the width of a human hair and could be used with a lot of the fiber optic networks that are already in place around the world.

As of right now, there aren’t any definite plans to incorporate this new type of fiber optic technology into the mix just yet. Nevertheless, if nothing else, the RMIT University report proves that the internet might be getting a big boost sometime soon. It could once again change the way you use the internet and make the internet even more important than it already is.

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