Company Bio: Connected Fiber

bioCraig Cleveland, the owner of Connected Fiber, started splicing fiber 21 years ago while an employee of Commscope. When he rotated off he and other splicer’s from Corning (at the time Siecor) and Dy-Comm worked on a project in Tennessee.

In 1997 he started Fiber Core Inc. His crews consisted of fiber techs from Comm Scope, Siecor, Sumitomo, ATT, and Time Warner.

In 2005 Fiber Core changed its name to Connected Fiber after Scientific Atlanta acquired a co from the United Kingdom with the same name. Today Connected Fiber still employs most of the same crews in-house or in a sub contract position.

“I want to say thank you for the hub work. You guys were fast enough on the 144 that had the 32 nodes on it that all but 2 were optimized by 5am. “

Over the course of the last 21 years strong professional relationships have developed with vendors like Tyco, AFL, and Corning as well as other fiber splicers who have gained CF’s trust for their abilities and fortitude. Working together has provided them the good fortune of maintaining a steady flow of work while living up to their reputation for being committed to quality, time constraints, and over all results.

They are also serious about taking your fiber problems, worries, and needs and making them their own so you the customer can focus on other matters. It is with this attitude they have found themselves working for some of the largest MSO’s and RBOC’s in the country.

From OPGW, ADSS, SM & MM systems for FTTH, broadband over power, DOT, CATV, Traffic Control, and Homeland Security jobs across a large portion of the eastern US. For your fiber needs get Connected with Connected Fiber.


  • Quality: To exceed our customers’ expectations by providing the highest quality fiber optic splicing by using the latest equipment and training.
  • Credibility: Proving credible to our customers and employees by completing each job, professionally, on time, and in a cost effective manner.
  • Accountability: To complete each service reliably, the first time.
  • Growth: To sustain a growth pattern for the continued prosperity of our customers, employees and Connected Fiber.