City-Owned Fiber Optics Systems

Fiber opticsCity-owned fiber optics systems capable of connecting thousands of residents to the World Wide Web are slowly popping up in communities across our country. Connected Fiber loves sharing stories about the growing spread of fiber optics networks here on our official blog. The expense may be slightly greater in some cases, but for the most part people are rewarded with the best Internet connection speeds that they’ve ever experienced.

For instance, look at this report published by The Advocate about a new fiber optics system offering one of the best Internet infrastructures for any metropolitan area in the United States. Because of their latest upgrade, the city of Lafayette, LA was able to double the connectivity speed for all of its residents while only increasing the monthly subscription rates by five dollars across the board.

People living in the area of Lafayette will be able to secure gigabit connections for about $70 per month, an incredible price considering the amount of bandwidth provided. Other Internet service providers in the region offer gigabit services for $1,000 per month or more, although those services are optimized for businesses and not residential homes.

This network provides users with some of the fastest speeds that can be enjoyed in the entire country. Although the expense of installing and implementing the system were rather high, city officials indicate that increasing revenues should continue to outpace expenses and the entire system should become self-sustaining by the year 2015.

Here at Connected Fiber, we’re envisioning a future where the transmission of data via light waves unlocks blazing fast speeds of Internet connection. Call our professional staff to learn how our fiber optics systems may be able to affect your infrastructure project. We serve regions all over the Mid-Atlantic from our headquarters in Leland, NC.


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