Charlotte NC

Fiber optic cables keep people connected both in their homes and their businesses. From time to time, however, weather conditions and other factors can cause fiber optic networks to go down. When they do, Connected Fiber can provide you with the fiber optics repair and reporting in Charlotte, NC you need to get back online.

Connected Fiber works with a number of high-profile corporate customers in Charlotte, NC, including Verizon and Time Warner Cable. These companies call on us when they need fiber optics installation, as well as repair and reporting services for their fiber optic networks. We can quickly inspect fiber optic cables to identify issues and go about making the necessary repairs.

Our service team is available to respond to emergency fiber optic repair calls right away. Whether your fiber optic network has been knocked out due to the weather or some other unforeseen circumstance, Connected Fiber will come out and take a look at it so that you don’t lose your connection for very long. In the event that you don’t have fiber optic cables installed yet, we can also tackle fiber optics installations to get your connection up and running.

In addition to providing fiber optics repair and reporting services in Charlotte, NC, we also specialize in performing routine maintenance testing and delivering cable splicing services. We have about two decades worth of fiber optics experience, and our experts are ready and able to handle whatever you throw at them. You won’t have to worry about living without an Internet connection for very long when you have Connected Fiber by your side.

To schedule fiber optics repair services or to inquire about fiber optics installation, fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you soon.