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The Transition from Old Copper Lines to High-Speed Fiber Optics

Looks like Washington DC is starting to take notice regarding the fiber optics and the way it’s changing how we communicate…it’s about time, because fiber optics will soon be crisscrossing the entire nation, providing the country a different system of telecom bones. By transitioning from old copper lines to high-speed fiber optics, we will be… Read more »

Fiber Optics Helping with Pregnancy Tests

In an earlier post, we discussed the virtue of “going optic” and how America should be rewired, so to speak, with fiber optics – and while we focused primarily on Internet speeds, we would do you a grave disservice if we didn’t talk about all the other exciting developments going on in the world of… Read more »

Google Expands Fiber Optic Internet Service

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At Connected Fiber, we like to think of this blog as a resource for all things fiber optics, which can be a bit arduous at times, because the fiber optics industry is constantly changing and improving. It is evolving before our very eyes and that’s a very exciting thing. It’s not every day that you… Read more »

The Many Benefits and Advancements That Fiber Optics Have on Humanity


In this blog, we have discussed the many benefits and advancements that fiber optics have on humanity, like how they’re helping monitor the way we move our bodies. Or like how they’re providing more bandwidth for military and commercial aircraft. Or like how fiber optics are changing the very fabric of National Parks, including Yellowstone,… Read more »

Fiber Optics to Help Monitor the Way We Move Our Bodies


Fiber optic technology has been revolutionizing industries across medical and scientific sectors for decades, but 2015 is ushering forth an entirely new application for itself: smart fashion. Cambridge Consultants have designed a new product, XelfleX, which is a textile designed to monitor the way we move our bodies on a level we’ve never been able… Read more »

Fiber Optics Monitor Changes in the Earth


Once again, fiber optic technology is being used to monitor and respond to major changes in the earth’s structure. Scott Tyler, a professor of geosciences at the University of Nevada has just published his fourth paper in an issue of Geophysical Letters detailing his new findings from a fairly new application of fiber optics: temperature… Read more »

Yellowstone National Park Jumps on Fiber Optics


A Wyoming based company called Century Link has been in communication with the National Park service for the possibility of laying large amounts of fiber optic cable all throughout various National Parks, including Yellowstone. The nearly 34 Million dollar project is actually part of a promotional campaign that will take place in 2016 to coincide… Read more »

Optical Fiber Sensors Embedded in Soil


The capacity for fiber optic cables and power lines to improve quality of human life is just now being fully realized. A research team at the Second University of Naples in Naples, Italy is going to be presenting their findings on fiber optic cables in the prevention and early detection of landslides at Frontiers in… Read more »

Trial Cities for Google Fiber

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Tuscaloosa, Alabama is paving the way – both figuratively and literally – in city infrastructure. Mayor Walt Maddox has stated that city infrastructure is like a stool that community development rests on. Before the digital age, the four legs of that stool were roads, water, sewer, and storm drainage. The reallocation of digital and Wi-Fi… Read more »

Fiber Optic to the Reservations


Back when fiber optic cables were first installed in various parts of the world many communications companies were running cable through railroad ways and that included both government property and Native American Reservations. Since the base cable had been installed though, most communication companies have stopped running anything through those. Well, recently it was decided… Read more »