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Why Fiber Optic Testing is Important

Fiber Optic Testing

There are several methods you can utilize to conduct fiber optic testing. You can use visible light source testing, power meter and light source testing, and optical time domain reflectometer testing to get the job done. Nevertheless, no matter which approach you take to fiber optic testing, it’s important that you do it for many… Read more »

Repairing Severed Cables

ditch back 2

We’ve spoken about the proliferation of fiber optic networks for municipal internet connections myriad times on the Connected Fiber blog. However, as great as these networks are for communities, there are times where fiber optic repairs and maintenance are necessary.   (As a quick reminder to our readers, when you have a fiber optics maintenance issue… Read more »

Fiber Optic Important to Future Economy

Commercial Real Estate Structure

With every passing year and decade, new industries become more prominent while others shrink. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you that the fiber optic industry is just getting started. In fact, if we’re to have a healthy economy in the future it’s going to be highly dependent on the success and spread of fiber optic… Read more »

If You Don’t Have Fiber, Don’t Bother

Rural fiber optics

In our previous post, we discussed the healthy growth that Burlington is expected to experience due to the positive effects of a high-speed, fiber-optic network. We can safely say that the future is in fiber optics. Cities installing large-scale fiber-optic networks is akin to getting a second lease on life, like reconstructive surgery after a… Read more »

Fiber Optics Is Changing the Medical Industry


In this blog, especially of late, we’ve been focusing on the bigger picture side of things – like how fiber optics will help with space travel and how Google is revolutionizing the way we communicate in this country and abroad. As we said, the bigger picture, but fiber optics doesn’t necessarily mean communication between you… Read more »

Fiber Optic Trade Show Looks to the Future

Fiber Optic Trade Show

People are gaining access to fiber optic technology faster than ever before, which was just one of the many things highlighted at the Northeast Fiber Optic Conference’s recent trade show. Held at the Turning Stone Event Center in Verona, NY last month, the event featured more than a hundred fiber optic companies from around the… Read more »