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Microsoft and Facebook to Lay Transatlantic Fiber Optic Line

The world’s biggest tech companies move a staggering amount of data across the Internet every day. Take Facebook, for example – a company whose 1.65 billion registered users are constantly chatting, uploading photos, and now even streaming live videos to people all across the globe. It takes some serious infrastructure to support that data, and… Read more »

Chattanooga Brings Discount Broadband to Low Income Students

The city of Chattanooga, Tennessee is home to one of the earliest and most notable examples of fiber optic Internet success stories. In 2010, Chattanooga’s Electric Power Board (EPB), a publicly owned utility company, began installing fiber optic infrastructure throughout the city and offering 1 gigabit per second Internet to its citizens. Since its introduction,… Read more »

Can Fiber-Optic Internet Save Your Struggling City?

In an effort to stimulate their local economies, several cities throughout the United States have made attracting new entrepreneurs and businesses a top priority on their agendas. In many cases, struggling cities will use tax breaks or other business-friendly practices to lure potentially lucrative startups to their respective area. Some especially proactive cities have taken… Read more »

British Researchers Make Fiber Optics Even Faster

The UK isn’t known for having especially fast broadband speeds. Last month, a group of business leaders in Britain published a study in which they accused the UK government of having a “poverty of ambition” that has caused the country to lag behind other developed nations in the adoption of high speed fiber optic internet…. Read more »

AT&T Competing With Google for Fiber Superiority

AT&T Competing With Google for Fiber Superiority

Over the course of the past decade, Google has made a habit of trying to disrupt the business models of traditional carriers such as AT&T and Verizon. Their Google Fiber service, in particular, is tailor-made to provide stiff competition for big name ISPs. Now, AT&T is fighting back by expanding its GigaPower fiber optic service… Read more »