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AT&T Brings Gigabit Internet to Several More US Cities

Fiber Optic Emergency Restoration Repairs

Google might be scaling back its fiber optic network deployment for now, but that doesn’t mean other telecom companies are curbing their own ambitions of bringing fiber to the home. In fact, Google’s announcement may have provided an added incentive for companies like Verizon and AT&T to aggressively pursue fiber optic deployment in new untapped… Read more »

New Technique Makes Terabit Transfer Speeds Seem Plausible

For the last several years, researchers in laboratories all over the world have been testing experimental equipment and innovative techniques that promise outrageous data transfer speeds. In 2011, for example, Japanese researchers managed to squeeze 100 terabits of data per second through a single optical fiber. These breakthroughs always look great on paper, but they… Read more »

“Twisted” Light Could Dramatically Increase Fiber Bandwidth

Since they were first deployed by telephone companies in the 1970’s, fiber optic cables have become the gold standard for transmitting large quantities of data over long distances. Without fiber optic infrastructure, the Internet could not have become the technological marvel that it is today. Fiber optics may have gotten us this far, but that… Read more »

US Internet Speeds Are Catching up to Global Averages

Despite America’s collective affinity for cat videos and trending celebrity gossip, the United States has historically lagged behind many other countries in the international community in terms of Internet connections speeds. Currently, the U.S. ranks just 20th worldwide for fixed broadband speeds. The country’s mobile rankings are even lower, at 42nd. This is due in… Read more »

Company to Begin Manufacturing Optical Fibers Aboard the ISS

Earlier this year, The International Space Station received a payload from NASA that contained a 3D printer designed specifically for use in microgravity. Space travel buffs enthusiastically hailed the little printer as “the first off-world manufacturing facility.” The printer has the potential to save the space agency hundreds of thousands of dollars by allowing astronauts… Read more »