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Why Schools Should Consider Using Fiber Optics

Schools and Fiber Optics

Fiber optic networks have made a huge splash in the business world in modern years. These networks have allowed businesses to send and receive data faster than ever before. They’ve also given businesses the chance to incorporate lots of new forms of technology into their office spaces. What’s more, it now appears as though many… Read more »

How a Couple of Small Cuts Can Knock Out the Internet for Millions of People

Loss of Internet Service

It seems like it would be almost impossible for anything to take out the internet completely. Internet companies have spent billions of dollars creating a strong infrastructure for it. Nevertheless, millions of Americans found out just how fragile the internet can be on Black Friday when a relatively small problem knocked out internet access to… Read more »

Hurricane Michael Caused Major Fiber Optic Damage

Hurricane Damage to Fiber Optic Cables

Hurricane Michael is being hailed as one of the most destructive hurricanes to ever hit the U.S. Armed with 155 mile per hour winds, the Category 4 storm ripped through parts of the Florida Panhandle in early October, leaving thousands of damaged and destroyed homes, businesses, and other buildings in its wake. It also managed… Read more »

Are There Optical Fibers That Can Feel?

Optical Fibers That Can Feel

By now, you’re probably well aware of just how amazing fiber optic cables are. They’re capable of transmitting data at an incredibly fast rate of speed through the use of light and don’t need to rely on electricity to work. It’s why more and more cities and towns are turning to fiber optic cables when… Read more »

The Role of Fiber Optics in the Future

Fiber Optics and the Future

Fiber optic cables are already playing a gigantic part in the advancement of technology throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world. The cables, which contain glass fibers that are only about the width of a human hair, are capable of transmitting data at speeds that were previously unthinkable. They are far superior to… Read more »

Fiber Optics Makes it Way to the Arctic

Connected Fiber’s home base is North Carolina, where summers are hot, the grass is green most of the year, and people are generally quite content. Contrast that with parts of Alaska, where the land can be quite cold and barren. People have to be tough and resilient to call certain parts of Alaska home. While… Read more »

A Fascinating Use of Fiber Optics

New Uses for Fiber Optics

Fiber optics are used in a variety of ways to improve people’s lives. One such way is the recent development of a handheld fiber optic probe that’s used to diagnose cancer. Utilizing an ultrafast laser, this probe can perform multiple nonlinear imaging techniques without the need for tissue staining. In other words, it’s a cleaner,… Read more »

City in Washington Uses Water Pipes to Deploy Fiber Network

In our last blog entry, we discussed a piece of proposed legislation that would encourage states to deploy fiber optic cables in conjunction with highway construction products. Now we’ve caught wind of another creative new avenue for fiber optic deployment—municipal water pipes. In the remote coastal city of Anacortes, Washington, the city council recently approved… Read more »