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What Does the Net Neutrality Debate Entail?

Net Neutrality Debate

An Overview of Net Neutrality What is net neutrality? Basically, it means there’s an open internet where all internet service providers treat content equally, not giving preferential treatment to certain digital content providers. Think of it this way: if the internet were an airline, for the longest time everyone sat together in coach, but if/when… Read more »

House Dems Introduce Five Bills to Improve Rural Broadband

Under the guidance of its newly-appointed Chairman Ajit Pai, the FCC has pledged to accelerate broadband deployment and close the digital divide in rural America. Now, House Democrats have unveiled five bills that are designed to achieve these same goals, demonstrating that improved broadband access might be an issue both parties can get behind. “Broadband… Read more »

Google Improves Its Balloon-Based Internet Tech

Google and its parent company Alphabet are well-known for their innovative “moonshot” projects, and in 2013 the company launched one such project that was ambitious even by Google standards. It’s called Project Loon, and it uses high-altitude balloons to bring Internet access to remote, unserved regions of the globe. The balloons are deployed into the… Read more »

Researchers Develop Terahertz Band Wireless Transmitter

Wireless network speeds have improved significantly in recent years, but they’re still far slower than wired fiber optic connections. 4G mobile networks and satellite Internet connections are fine for most individuals, but they don’t have the bandwidth or bitrate to make them viable solutions for businesses or other large organizations. Thanks to the efforts of… Read more »

Farmers Build DIY Broadband Network in Rural Britain

We might not think of farming as an industry that relies heavily on broadband connections, but in fact Internet connectivity has become an important part of modern agriculture. Farmers can use the Internet to do things like automate feeding and milking systems, check market prices, exchange goods and monitor health issues in their herds. Unfortunately,… Read more »

Atlas 5 Rocket Delivers a New Broadband Satellite to Orbit

Due to its high signal latency and susceptibility to weather interference, satellite-based internet hasn’t always been the most popular broadband option, but for many people in rural areas, satellite internet is still the only broadband option available. Since the first consumer broadband satellites were launched in the late 90’s, space-based broadband has brought the Internet… Read more »