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What Does the Net Neutrality Debate Entail?

Net Neutrality Debate

An Overview of Net Neutrality What is net neutrality? Basically, it means there’s an open internet where all internet service providers treat content equally, not giving preferential treatment to certain digital content providers. Think of it this way: if the internet were an airline, for the longest time everyone sat together in coach, but if/when… Read more »

House Dems Introduce Five Bills to Improve Rural Broadband

Under the guidance of its newly-appointed Chairman Ajit Pai, the FCC has pledged to accelerate broadband deployment and close the digital divide in rural America. Now, House Democrats have unveiled five bills that are designed to achieve these same goals, demonstrating that improved broadband access might be an issue both parties can get behind. “Broadband… Read more »

Google Improves Its Balloon-Based Internet Tech

Google and its parent company Alphabet are well-known for their innovative “moonshot” projects, and in 2013 the company launched one such project that was ambitious even by Google standards. It’s called Project Loon, and it uses high-altitude balloons to bring Internet access to remote, unserved regions of the globe. The balloons are deployed into the… Read more »

FCC Adopts New Privacy Regulations for Broadband Providers

For companies like Verizon, AT&T and Comcast, user data has become an increasingly valuable tool for creating targeted advertisements that ostensibly offset the cost of internet service for consumers. In practice, however, broadband providers have gained a reputation for being somewhat less than transparent with regard to how, when and why they gather data from… Read more »

Mobile Providers Roll out Data Plans for Internet of Things

Internet access is no longer limited to PCs and smartphones. These days, everything from municipal transit buses to climate control systems to household appliances are being integrated into the Internet as well. This new influx of web-connected infrastructure is known collectively as the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, the IoT is in a similar phase… Read more »

Google Unveils Plan to Unite Public Wi-Fi Networks

Yesterday, Google hosted a highly-anticipated event to reveal a new suite of hardware products including a smartphone and virtual reality headset. It remains to be seen whether Google’s hardware will be able to compete with the likes of Apple and Amazon, but rest assured the creator of the world’s most popular search engine has still… Read more »