How Fiber Optics Benefit Cloud Computing

Does your company rely on cloud computing to conduct business? Fiber optic technology can help you make the most of keeping your business information in the cloud. If you aren’t utilizing fiber optics already, consider doing it soon to ensure that you’re getting everything you should be out of cloud computing. Here are some of… Read more »

Why Fiber Optic Testing is Important

There are several methods you can utilize to conduct fiber optic testing. You can use visible light source testing, power meter and light source testing, and optical time domain reflectometer testing to get the job done. Nevertheless, no matter which approach you take to fiber optic testing, it’s important that you do it for many… Read more »

The Benefits of Fiber Optic Transmission

One of the benefits to using fiber optic cables is they’re capable of transmitting data at a significantly high rate. You’ll get the chance to enjoy an extremely high bandwidth when you choose to replace copper cables with fiber optic ones. But that’s not the only advantage that you’ll get with fiber optic transmission. Here… Read more »

Repairing Severed Cables

We’ve spoken about the proliferation of fiber optic networks for municipal internet connections myriad times on the Connected Fiber blog. However, as great as these networks are for communities, there are times where fiber optic repairs and maintenance are necessary.   (As a quick reminder to our readers, when you have a fiber optics maintenance issue… Read more »

The Process of Splicing Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic splicing is a process that allows a professional to take two fiber optic cables and bring them together. When this process is done properly, the new cable can transmit data as quickly and efficiently as a regular fiber optic cable can. There are two methods of fiber optic splicing called mechanical splicing and… Read more »

Are There Optical Fibers That Can Feel?

By now, you’re probably well aware of just how amazing fiber optic cables are. They’re capable of transmitting data at an incredibly fast rate of speed through the use of light and don’t need to rely on electricity to work. It’s why more and more cities and towns are turning to fiber optic cables when… Read more »

Why Businesses Should Choose Fiber Optic Networks Over Cable Ones

When you’re in the process of setting up a network for your business, you’ll have the choice of going with either a fiber optic network or a cable network. Both will offer benefits; however, a fiber optic network will prove to be a better choice more often than not. Here are just a few of… Read more »

Are Your Fiber Optics Cables Suffering From One of These Ailments?

Fiber optic cables are usually quite durable, which means you won’t have to spend much time worrying about them breaking so long as they’re installed properly. Nevertheless, there are some common issues that can plague fiber optic cables and cause them to sustain damage if you’re not careful. Take a look at some of the… Read more »

Why Fiber Optic Technology is a Superior Option to Copper Transmission

For many years, people in the audio-visual industry have depended on copper cables to create connections between different components. However, more and more people in the industry rely on fiber optic technology as opposed to copper transmission. Why is that? There are many reasons for it right now. Check out a few of the advantages… Read more »