Tips for Implementing Emergency Restoration Repairs for Fiber Optics

If you rely on a fiber optic network, you should always be prepared for the possibility of it potentially going down due to damage done to fiber optic cables. Everything from construction equipment to rodents to weather conditions can cause damage to fiber optic cables and force you to seek emergency restoration repairs. It’s impossible… Read more »

Why Fiber Internet is a Better Option than Cable and DSL

You’ve probably heard of/use cable or DSL to access the internet. Have you heard of fiber internet? It could become the future of digital communication. The U.S. government has considered expanding access to it, and internet providers are showing interest. Fiber internet might be coming to your town in the near future. Basically, fiber internet… Read more »

How a Couple of Small Cuts Can Knock Out the Internet for Millions of People

It seems like it would be almost impossible for anything to take out the internet completely. Internet companies have spent billions of dollars creating a strong infrastructure for it. Nevertheless, millions of Americans found out just how fragile the internet can be on Black Friday when a relatively small problem knocked out internet access to… Read more »

Fiber Optics and the Internet of Things

Joe is a man nearing the age of 80 and he recently discovered he could control some parts of his home, like the thermostat, using his smartphone. Technology has gotten to the point where a person can turn the heat up or down in their home even if they’re far away in another state– now… Read more »

How Does Winter Affect Fiber Optic Testing?

Fiber optic testing can be performed at any time of the year. It doesn’t matter if it’s the dog days of summer or the dead of winter. You can have a fiber optic network tested to make sure signals are moving through it quickly. But there are some challenges that come along with conducting fiber… Read more »

What Causes Damage to Fiber Optic Cables?

As long as fiber optic cables are installed properly, they should stand up to just about anything and continue to do their jobs. Nevertheless, there are certain instances in which fiber optic cables stop working due to unpredictable damage. Here are a few common examples: Animals chew through them There are all kinds of animals… Read more »

Could the Internet Soon Be 100x Faster?

The internet is already significantly faster than it used to be even just a few short years ago. You can search for a news article, start up a funny video, or check to see who won the big game (and then watch highlights from it!) in a matter of just seconds. But if you can… Read more »

Hurricane Michael Caused Major Fiber Optic Damage

Hurricane Michael is being hailed as one of the most destructive hurricanes to ever hit the U.S. Armed with 155 mile per hour winds, the Category 4 storm ripped through parts of the Florida Panhandle in early October, leaving thousands of damaged and destroyed homes, businesses, and other buildings in its wake. It also managed… Read more »

Multi-mode Fiber Optic Cables vs Single-Mode Ones

When you decide to create a fiber optic network, you’ll have the option of choosing between two different types of fiber optic cables. The first are called single-mode fiber optic cables, while the second are multi-mode fiber optic cables. They each have their own pros and cons, and you should weigh them out carefully before… Read more »

How Fiber Optic Jobs Are Best Supervised

Whenever fiber optic cables are being installed or worked on, it’s very important for a single person to be designated as the supervisor for the job. That person should be in charge of making sure everything goes according to plan. They should also, maybe more importantly, be in charge on spotting potential problems with a… Read more »