Fiber Optics for All!

Some say that fast internet is crucial to economic growth. Well – that’s how we feel at Connected Fiber. British businesses, for instance, think improvements to their broadband networks are just as important as improvements to transport links, as per this article back from 2010. That importance has only increased over the years, with many… Read more »

Fiber Optic Installation

The communities sprinkled across the United States that are experiencing fiber optics networks for the first time know that there’s much more to the technology than a fast Internet connection. Data transmission throughout a town or village can be of great impact in many ways, especially in supporting new business. As this article published by… Read more »

Home Networks Implemented by Fiber Optics and Not Copper Wiring

  All over the country, communities are making the investment necessary to install fiber optics infrastructures that can connect users to the Internet at incredibly fast speeds. Within the home, however, many things remain the same where home networking cable installation is concerned. When a homeowner calls a technician to install an Internet connection for… Read more »

City-Owned Fiber Optics Systems

City-owned fiber optics systems capable of connecting thousands of residents to the World Wide Web are slowly popping up in communities across our country. Connected Fiber loves sharing stories about the growing spread of fiber optics networks here on our official blog. The expense may be slightly greater in some cases, but for the most… Read more »

Fiber Optics Infrastructures in America

All across America, communities of all sizes are putting themselves on the technological map by supporting fiber optics infrastructures. It’s hard to overstate just how fast an entire town or city can connect to the Internet when data travels at the speed of light. We always love sharing stories about new fiber optics installation projects… Read more »

One of the Largest Undertakings in Rural Fiber Optic Connectivity

We’re seeing more and more fiber optic networks being subsidized by city and state funds to connect businesses and residences faster. This is pulling bigger companies into smaller towns all over the country and leading to economic growth and regeneration in formerly more stagnant areas. Another example cropping up is in a statewide effort being… Read more »

The Science Behind Chromophores

We’ve talked about how fiber optics can improve access to the Internet and data through community-wide cable networks before here on the Connected Fiber blog. Today, we were intrigued to hear about attempts to apply the incredible data transmission speeds of this technology to small, sometimes infinitesimal, electronic components. Much of this interesting technology is… Read more »

What is America’s Leader in Public Fiber Optics Infrastructure?

The city of Chanute, KS is a small community that is home to less than 10,000 people. However, this area situated in the southeastern portion of Kansas is poised to become one of the country’s leaders in public fiber optics infrastructure and blazingly fast Internet connection speeds for residents. As this article published by The… Read more »