Pacific Fiber Optic Cable

One of the world’s most massive Internet projects is about to be undertaken by Google, perhaps the world’s most innovative company involved in Internet-based services and products. Here at Connected Fiber, we find it encouraging that this project, which will connect cities on other side of the wide expanse of the Pacific Ocean, will primarily… Read more »

AT&T Giving Charlotte More Fiber

Once again we see another city in America getting the fiber optic treatment, at the assistance of a major internet providing company as well. Interestingly enough, we see it in a City that has already seen some talks from Google about providing Google Fiber in the area. Although Google has yet to fully decide if… Read more »

Fiber Optics for All!

Some say that fast internet is crucial to economic growth. Well – that’s how we feel at Connected Fiber. British businesses, for instance, think improvements to their broadband networks are just as important as improvements to transport links, as per this article back from 2010. That importance has only increased over the years, with many… Read more »

Fiber Optics Infrastructures in America

All across America, communities of all sizes are putting themselves on the technological map by supporting fiber optics infrastructures. It’s hard to overstate just how fast an entire town or city can connect to the Internet when data travels at the speed of light. We always love sharing stories about new fiber optics installation projects… Read more »

The Benefits of Fiber Optics

We’ve written quite a bit about fiber optic trends and advances, but what exactly are fiber optics and what makes them so much more efficient than traditional (generally copper) wiring? Fiber optics are less expensive. Miles of fiber optic wiring are far less expensive to produce and install than copper wiring. They are thinner and… Read more »

A Cost-Effective 100 GbE Optical Interface?

As the length of cable runs in major data centers only continues to grow, the standard for fiber optics needs to grow with it. Network technologists are now in the process of producing a cost-effective 100 GbE optical interface that uses less power and provides greater range than any of the fiber optic technology we’ve… Read more »

The NFL and Fiber Optics

The ability to quickly send data that can be viewed and analyzed by important officials is useful in many applications, as we’ve discussed here on the Connected Fiber blog. Data moves at the speed of light in fiber optics systems, providing some of the highest speeds imaginable. In recent months, many high-profile organizations have been… Read more »

Fiber Optics Can Help Us Find a Better Future

We tend to think of faster Internet speeds and higher bandwidth mainly as a way to enjoy entertainment services even more quickly. Fiber optic cables can support incredibly quick transmission of television and Internet broadband services, and it’s true that users can enjoy high connection speeds for viewing multimedia content like never before through these… Read more »

Connected Fiber Keeps Communication Alive in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions

Welcome to our blog! When was the last time you thought of fibers? Not the fibers found in food, but cables and fiber optic slicing, the kind responsible for communication via phones, internet and much, much more. Before we get into that, however, it’s time for a question: do you feel “connected” to the world… Read more »