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How Fiber Optic Jobs Are Best Supervised

Fiber Optic Job Sites

Whenever fiber optic cables are being installed or worked on, it’s very important for a single person to be designated as the supervisor for the job. That person should be in charge of making sure everything goes according to plan. They should also, maybe more importantly, be in charge on spotting potential problems with a… Read more »

Why People Love Fiber to The Home (FTTH)

Fiber optics to the home

Does your home utilize Fiber to the Home, also known as FTTH? If not, you’re missing out on all the benefits that come along with it. FTTH uses fiber optic cables to transfer data from a telecommunication company to customers, and it’s quickly becoming the most effective way to do it. Take a look at… Read more »

What is Dark Fiber and How can it Be Used?

Fiber Optic Systems

Have you heard of “dark fiber?” This term refers to unused network infrastructure– optical fiber that’s not in use, with no light going through it. Since data is transported over fiber networks using light passed through cables, if and when no data is being transported, the fiber goes dark. Where is Dark Fiber? Where might… Read more »