An Interesting Look at How a Small Town is Using Fiber Optics to Stimulate Their Economy

Fiber Optic InstallationSmall towns and cities across the country are always looking for innovative new ways to attract businesses to their communities. Some offer cheap land to those companies looking for a place to set up shop, while others offer tax breaks and incentives to businesses. The goal is to encourage growth and development by stimulating the local economy and providing more people with jobs.

The Importance of Fiber Optics to Future Economies

Several small towns in Indiana have taken a unique approach to doing this of late. Chesterton, Indiana has followed the lead of East Chicago, Indiana and Valparaiso, Indiana and installed fiber optic lines throughout its town to create a network for new and old businesses to use. There were some fiber optic lines in the ground throughout Chesterton previously, but they didn’t always allow everyone in town access to a fiber optic network. Therefore, Chesterton officials took things a step further and spent more than $2 million adding about 25 miles of fiber optic lines.

The new fiber optic networks in Chesterton, East Chicago, and Valparaiso will give businesses the chance to transmit data and utilize telephone services in the area. They also offer redundancy to businesses, which is one of the key factors. This redundancy is designed to allow businesses to continue to stay connected even when a primary fiber optic connection is cut. It’s something that should get businesses excited about establishing themselves in places like Chesterton and give the town’s economy a big boost.

Connected Fiber has seen first-hand just how beneficial fiber optic lines and networks can be to small towns. They can also benefit individual home and business owners in a big way by delivering them with increased internet speeds and more reliable connections. Call us at 910-443-0532 today if you would like to discover how fiber optics could help your city.

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