America Lags Behind

FrustratedWhile we discussed America lagging behind in a previous blog post, we feel it’s important enough to warrant another post. After all, the Internet and connection speed are the lifeblood of a successful, productive and happy society.

As this article published by Cleveland Scene reports, the United States ranks 31st among all countries in terms of average speed of downloading content from the Internet. In terms of uploading data speed, we’re doing even worse, coming in at 46th overall. Small countries that would seem to pale in comparison to the U.S., places like Estonia and Lichtenstein, are ranking ahead of us in terms of basic online access.

Many facts from the study cited in the above article, completed by web metrics analysis firm Ookla, highlight some of the remarkable realities in our struggle to attain good Internet connections. As the writer illustrates, American Internet customers, especially those purchasing subscriptions to “triple play” bundles, pay four times as much as French consumers for one-tenth of the connection speed.

Entrenched broadband providers can stifle competition by protecting their own interests through unnecessary lawsuits, and municipalities must often jump through huge legal hoops in order to provide fiber optics connections to their residents. Whatever system got us here in the first place, it should be pretty clear to see that the American consumer is not seeing a payoff in terms of superior Internet access.

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