Amazon Could Become an ISP in Europe

Amazon Could Become an ISP in EuropeAmazon may have already revolutionized the e-commerce market, but Jeff Bezos and Co. aren’t content to rest on their laurels just yet. Now, according to a report released by The Information, Amazon is considering offering home Internet service to users in Europe as well. Rather than building out its own network, Amazon would re-sell access to existing network infrastructure. While the details of the report are fairly sparse, becoming an Internet reseller in Europe would make a lot of sense for Amazon from a business perspective.

To begin with, becoming an Internet reseller in Europe is a whole lot easier than it is here in America. Whereas US law doesn’t guarantee wholesale access to existing networks, countries such as Britain enforce regulations that require broadband providers to offer network access to their competitors. This means that starting an Amazon ISP could be a whole lot easier and less expensive in Europe than it would be in the US. Becoming an ISP would also allow Amazon to bundle its existing Prime video streaming service with its broadband packages. This could be a powerful sales incentive that would set Amazon apart from other regional ISPs.

Whether or not the Amazon ISP will materialize remains to be seen, but it certainly seems like Amazon has big aspirations beyond its e-commerce roots. Recently, another report speculated that amazon is expanding its shipping and logistics network in an effort to someday compete directly with companies like UPS and FedEx. Considering the fact that his other company is planning on taking tourists to space as early as 2018, launching a regional ISP seems like a pretty conservative goal for Jeff Bezos’ Amazon.

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