A Look at Google’s Project Fi

18614609_SGoogle is a far reaching company that is involved in a wide variety of fields and technology sectors. Now, with the announcement of Project Fi, Google is finally entering the cellular phone service industry. But just what exactly is Project Fi and what does Google hope to accomplish with it? We’re here to take a closer look!

There are already several companies that provide services similar to Project Fi, including Virgin Mobile and Affinity Cellular. The simplest explanation is that Project Fi is a mobile network, but Google has high hopes for the service. Currently, Google will be partnering with both AT&T and T-Mobile to bring this service to their customers. Interestingly, Google will make use of previously existing Wi-Fi hotspots for their mobile network, so they won’t be focused on building their own infrastructure, at least not right now.

In many ways this service is similar to their broadband service, Google Fiber. The company has had great success with Google Fiber so far, and they hope to see that repeat with Project Fi. With Google Fiber, the company has worked with companies like Comcast in order to bring high-speed internet to many homes and businesses around the country, and it continues to expand.

We’re interested to see what happens with both Project Fi and Google Fiber in the future. It seems that whether you’re at home or out with your phone, Google is trying to make sure you always have access to a high-speed connection, and that’s definitely a goal that we can get behind.

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Source: http://www.benchmarkreporter.com/google-unveils-project-fi-for-bridging-the-gap-between-mobile-phones-and-wi-fi-networks/2326/

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