A Career in the Fiber Optics Industry

11810617_SIf you follow our blog at all, you’re well aware that we are experiencing a fiber optics revolution in this country. It’s certainly an exciting time to be a fiber optic technician!

Every day it seems a new city in the country is reconfiguring their communication bones, changing the way its citizens send and receive information. Google Fiber, for instance, is helping to push America into the future, carrying cities like San Antonio, Kansas City, and Austin on its back.

Kansas City is blossoming with the help of Google Fiber, with many remarking, “We’re no longer flyover country.” That is a bold statement! Fiber optics is putting cities back on the map, cities that were once thought to be “backwoods” or of no particular importance. What hasn’t been talked about much is the influx of jobs that these changes will have on the everyday American, as discussed in this Beaufort Observer article.

They report, “The days of copper wire within the communications industry are coming to an end. Today, modern telephone, cable television and internet data are carried through fiber optics systems. A new program at Beaufort County Community College is aimed at training technicians to install these high-tech systems.”

This isn’t just exclusive to North Carolina; areas where fiber optics are being installed and utilized will see a huge spike in employment opportunities. We have to keep in mind that this isn’t a store opening up or anything like that, but a completely new industry putting down roots. We are excited that Google Inc. is setting up shop in the city of Raleigh and surrounding cities, including Durham, Carrboro, Cary, Chapel Hill, Garner, and Morrisville.

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