A Beginner’s Guide to Fiber Optics

Beginner's Guide to Fiber Optics Fiber optics is a term that has become common in the telecommunications and networking industries. As this technology has become more standard, it has revolutionized data transmission. Are you wondering what all the excitement is surrounding fiber optics? Here’s a beginner’s guide to fiber optics.

An Introduction to Fiber Optics

Fiber optic cable is a special cable that replaces the older, copper wiring that was used for phone and data signal transmission for many years. Whereas copper cable is used by sending electrical signals along the wire, fiber optic cables are used by sending bursts of light along the cable. The light signals may be generated with a laser or with LEDs. Fiber optic cable is made of tiny glass strands that are wrapped in a layer of cladding that allows the light to be carried along the cable.

The Benefits of Fiber Optics

Fiber optic cable offers many advantages over traditional copper cable. Fiber optics is a considerably faster technology because light travels much faster than electricity does through copper. This speed difference is important for transmitting large amounts of data over a network or streaming video. Fiber optic signals are also more reliable because they are less susceptible to interference or signal loss over longer distances.

Fiber Optics Needs

The majority of fiber optic cable has been installed for long-distance connections, but it is now becoming more popular for local connections as well. While fiber optics offer incredible speed and bandwidth gains over copper, many homes and businesses still connect to the fiber optic lines outside of the building with copper. Installations that are known as Fiber to the Premises of Fiber to the Building actually connect the building network using fiber optics as well. This type of installation avoids the bottleneck associated with copper wiring in the building.

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