3D Printing and Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics Audit3D printing has been taking over tech column space for the last year and is finally sharing that spotlight with fiber optic technology. These two advancements are changing the world for the better, and Connected Fiber is more than proud to be on that locomotive full of positive vibes. There’s much to report on the world of 3D printing and fiber optics – and how the two are intertwining.

The past few months have been filled with stories of non-profit companies creating 3D printed prostheses at a fraction of the cost of traditionally manufactured prosthetic limbs. However, one company, Open Bionics, has recently taken charge of the story by printing prostheses that not only function, but also are much more eye-catching than traditional flesh-colored limbs. I guess you can say that Open Bionics is the industry leader in prosthetics aesthetics!

The new prosthetic arm and hand is adorned in Swarovski crystal and functions with cues from the back muscles that allows the wearer, YouTube sensation Grace Mandeville, free range of elbow, finger, and hand movements. It is also capable of lighting up thanks to the blue fiber optic lighting installed in the ‘forearm’. One of the biggest notes that Open Bionics received after unveiling their original prototypes for prosthetic limbs was that the prostheses needed to be more eye-catching. Wearers wanted strangers to know that they were wearing a prosthetic and to claim ownership over their new accessories, not blend in, as one might expect.

More eye-catching prosthetics? That’s a very brave thing to do – and these men and women, such as Ms. Grace Mandeville, deserve all the respect in the world. To make this a reality, Open Bionics is stepping up to the plate and we applaud them!

Ms. Mandeville stated that the prosthetic is, “like a one off accessory that nobody else can wear, basically like vintage Chanel.” She expanded on the idea by saying, “Why try to blend in, when you can have a piece of art? I feel like a warrior with it; I feel proud to wear it.” It’s this attitude that’s allowing existing fiber optic technology to push 3D printing to new heights. Fiber optics help us to see and to be seen, and there’s really no greater gift we can give than that, is there?

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Source: http://3dprint.com/50920/open-bionics-3d-printed-arm/

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